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Technical Reference Manual

Welcome to the Massachusetts electronic Technical Reference Manual (eTRM). The eTRM is an electronic database that allows regulators, government agencies, stakeholders, and the public to access reports that provide methods, formulas, and default assumptions for estimating energy, peak demand, and other resource impacts from energy efficiency measures. The eTRM documents how the energy efficiency Program Administrators consistently, reliably, and transparently calculate savings resulting from the installation of prescriptive energy efficiency measures. For more information on the eTRM, update process, measure characterization structure, impact factors and formulas, and glossary, please see the eTRM Overview.

To access the eTRM, please use the following link: https://etrm.anbetrack.com/#/workarea/home?token=6d6c45766e692f527044

Per the MA Department of Public Utilities, starting in 2022, new evaluation results will be applied on a prospective only basis instead of being applied both retrospectively and prospectively. The Program Administrators currently update gross savings assumptions and net and gross impact factors each year based on the latest evaluation studies and apply them on a prospective basis to calculate savings in subsequent years. At the beginning of each year starting with the 2022-2024 Three-Year Plan, the latest TRMs will be posted here:
2022-2024 Three-Year Plan TRM
2023 Prospective TRM
2022 Plan-Year Report TRM
2024 Prospective TRM