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Total CO2 Equivalent Reductions From all Fuels* (Short Tons)
Actual to Plan
* CO2 reductions are only reported in Q2 and Q4.
* Click here to view Emissions Factors used.
GHG Emissions Equivalents
231,698 HOMES
Powered for a Year Through
Electric Savings
24,622 HOMES
Heated for a Year Through
Gas Savings
144,918 CARS
Emissions for a Year Through
Electric & Gas Savings
* Click here for conversion factors.

Electric & Gas CO2 Equivalent Emissions Reductions Summary (Q4 2018)

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As of Q4 2018
Adjusted Gross Annual MWh Savings
Adjusted Gross Annual Therm Savings
Adjusted Gross Annual Oil MMBTU Savings
Short Tons
Short Tons
Short Tons

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